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Man held on $2 million bond in alleged homicide

The circumstances surrounding a criminal arrest in Connecticut can vary greatly. When people find themselves facing serious charges such as those for murder or homicide, it can be very important to understand not only the potential penalties associated with the charge but what may have led prosecutors to make such a charge.

One man today is in such a situation after he was placed under arrest and charged with homicide in the death of a woman who he was said to be in a romantic relationship with. While waiting for a court appointment the man was being kept in custody and his bond was set at $2 million.

Details of the case are somewhat limited but what is known is that a person living near the man’s apartment called for emergency help when they supposedly heard a woman’s screams and saw her in a window on a Sunday evening. Reports suggest that upon arriving at the apartment, officers found blood in many locations and the woman’s body appeared to have been beaten and she had been strangled possibly with the lace from a shoe. She died the following morning. It is not clear where the defendant was when officers arrived at the scene or how they determined he was the suspect in the case.

After being charged for killing another person, defendants in Connecticut may be able to better understand the cases against them by talking with an attorney who is experienced in these situations.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Suspect in Hartford Domestic Homicide Had Violent Criminal History: Police,” September 6, 2017

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