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Arrest made after bag reportedly left behind

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2017 | Uncategorized

Connecticut residents who hear about people being arrested might initially think some sort of investigation had been underway. While this may happen in some cases, it is not always the path that leads to a criminal charge. A person may actually end up being accused of one crime even after a previous interaction with the law that is completely unrelated.

That is actually what has happened to one man from Waterbury recently. Reports indicate that law enforcement officers were called to a particular location for an undisclosed reason one day. It appears that no arrests were made as a result of the visit. However, later on another person called the police back again. The reason the officers were called was because the man, who was 23 years old, apparently left a bag at the location. It is not known why the caller did not simply let the man know he left his bag.

Officers returned and found crack cocaine in the bag. This discovery led them to place the man under arrest for the possession of narcotics and for violating a protective order. He was taken into custody and a bond was set for $11,000. No information about the protective order was provided. 

Defendants who are accused of drug crimes in Connecticut may be able to learn about the defense process and their options for how they may defend themselves against criminal charges as well as the types of penalties associated with different charges.

Source: CT Post, “Shelton police charge Waterbury man with possession, violating protective order,” Tara O’Neill, September 26, 2017

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