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Defendant rejects plea deal

Connecticut residents who are arrested and charged with criminal offenses may have multiple ways to approach their defense. One approach to a criminal defense is to enter into a plea agreement with the prosecution. A plea agreement often includes a defendant pleading guilty to a charge that is lesser than what they may face in a trial in exchange for not having to go through the full trial process. 

One man who is currently in custody at the Northern Correctional Institution has recently chosen not to enter into a plea deal with the prosecution in a case in which he is charged with the murder of another man. After rejecting the offered deal, the defendant will now be heading toward a trial that is expected to take place at some point in 2018 although the exact date is not unknown. He will face full charges and if the jury finds him guilty of the murder, he may be ordered to spend as many as 60 years in prison.

Details of why the man chose to reject the plea agreement were not released. The case started in December of 2016 when the defendant allegedly shot a man who is said to have attempted to intervene in a dispute between the defendant and his girlfriend.

Anyone who is facing serious criminal charges in Connecticut might find discussing their options with an experienced defense attorney a good way of helping them choose how they should proceed.

Source: The Day, “Gingeralla’s accused killer to go on trial in 2018,” Karen Florin, October 23, 2017

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