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Domestic violence reports in 2017

Very often, public news reports detailing allegations of domestic violence in Connecticut make it all but seem the accused person is guilty right off the bat. There is generally little discussion about the possibility that an incident either involve a person truly defending them against someone else, for example. This is just one situation that may change a person’s view of a defendant if more facts were known.

Data released recently indicates that the city of Bridgeport has logged more than 3,800 calls for potential domestic violence instances during the first three quarters of 2017. As with reports about individual domestic violence accusations, many things remain unknown. For example, it is not known how this number compares to prior years and if this is an increase or a decrease. No details were provided as to how many of these calls led to actual arrests or then to actual convictions.

One fact that was provided is that 259 warrants were issued related to the 3,838 calls. These calls are said to involve accusations of physical as well as verbal abuse. Officers are said to be aware that identifying verbal abuse can be difficult as it is less objective than physical abuse. Understanding not just what things are said between people but how those things are said is important in making this determination.

Anyone who has been arrested for suspected domestic violence might find a consultation with an attorney helpful in learning about their options for a defense.

Source: CT Post, “Bridgeport cops responded to 3,838 domestic violence calls in 8 months,” Tara O’Neill, October 13, 2017

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