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Drunk driving enforcement to spike over holiday

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2017 | Drunk Driving

For many Connecticut residents, having a beer or a glass of wine with friends and family at a holiday meal or celebration is a common thing and widely accepted as a social norm. A good portion of those same residents may also drive themselves to and from their respective events. Neither traffic nor ciminal laws expressly prohibit driving after drinking. The laws only prohibit or criminalize such behaviors if a driver’s blood alcohol content is beyond the stated legal limit.

It is this difference that can sometimes make a traffic stop a challenge. If an officer asks a driver if they have been drinking, an answer in the affirmative in and of itself should not be an issue. Yet many drivers are understandably concerned about answering this type of question from a police officer for fear that it may lead them to being charged with a drunk driving offense. Over the holiday weekend there well may be an increased chance of that happening.

According to reports, the Connecticut state police plan to have more people on staff over the four days of the holiday weekend specifically for the purposes of increasing enforcement against suspected drunk drivers. Along Interstates 91 and 691 as well as along Routes 8 and 15, the state police will conduct either mobile patrols or spot checks between Thursday and Sunday. It is unclear exactly how they may choose which vehicles to stop.

After being charged with a drunk driving offense in Connecticut, drivers might find talking with an experienced defense attorney a good way of understanding what to expect in the coming weeks and months.

Source: New Haven Register, “State police plans DUI crackdown Thanksgiving weekend,” November 18, 2017

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