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Is physical violence always part of domestic abuse?

If you have been accused of domestic abuse against a spouse or significant other in Connecticut but you know you have never physically harmed them, you may be wondering how you could be facing such a charge. Many people almost equate physical violence like hitting, slugging or slapping with domestic violence. However, the definition of domestic abuse is much broader than this and understanding what it may entail can be important for anyone in a relationship.

One thing you should understand is how the United States Department of Justice defines domestic abuse. It includes behaviors or patterns of behaviors that could be said to be intended means of gaining and exerting control over another person. This includes not only actual acts but the threat of actions as well. This means that there is the potential that words said in the midst of a disagreement may be later accused as threats.

Physical contact between two people is also not needed for a charge of domestic abuse to be allegeed. Such behaviors may involve financial management strategies that include taking over the bank accounts. Other forms of alleged abuse include emotional and psychological ways of interacting with another person. Abuse may involve sexual acts but that again is not a requirement for a domestic violence charge to be filed and investigated.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to help Connecticut residents understand the vast range of things that may contribute to a domestic violence or domestic abuse charge being made against them.

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