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Can domestic violence murders be prevented?

Violence in relationships is something that happens all the time. It can be a difficult situation where the law may have trouble managing things and preventing them from getting even worse. However, there may be things Connecticut law enforcement and courts can do to protect domestic violence victims from becoming murder victims or murderers. 

According to NBC, there are red flags that are often seen in domestic violence cases that point to the possibility of the situation becoming a murder case. If law enforcement or others involved can watch for such signs and react accordingly, lives could be saved. 

The red flags include gun ownership, drug or alcohol abuse, sexual violence, strangulation, stalking, failed attempts of the victim leaving and unemployment. The red flags could indicate the abuser murders their partner or the victim murders the abuser. In either case, death is to be avoided at all costs. The loss of a human life has devastating effects emotionally and legally. 

In Connecticut, murder associated with domestic violence is the most prominent form of murder. It is up to everyone to do what they can to spot the red flags and try to end things before they get to the stage of murder occurring. If you educate yourself on these red flags, you could help save the life of a friend, family member or even a neighbor. It takes a community effort to stop the violence and provide support to victims. This information is intended to be educational only and should not be taken as legal advice. 

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