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Man gets DUI charge after falling asleep at the steering wheel

Many people believe the only way they can receive a DUI charge is by driving while drunk. But there are other ways they can receive a driving while under the influence/impaired charge. Substances that alter a person’s perception, motor skills and cognitive abilities can lead to DUIs too. Anyone who uses medications, narcotic drugs, suffers from certain medical conditions and gets in their vehicles could find themselves dealing law enforcement. 

Impaired driving is a serious crime that endangers many people, including the offenders. Many people who operate their vehicles while under the influence risk losing control of them and hurting and killing others, including themselves. They are also likely to crash their vehicles and cause a significant amount of property damage. 

A 56-year-old Easton area male was recently released on his own recognizance after receiving a DUI charge. At the time of apprehension, he admitted to law enforcement he had taken some pain medication, drank two alcoholic beverages and was on his way back from the Mohegan Sun. The man was found in his vehicle, asleep in a local area supermarket parking lot with his gearshift lever in the drive position. 

The male provided law enforcement with a urine sample at the station after failing a field sobriety test that he performed while wearing a leg brace. At the time of his arrest, his BAC was zero. Law enforcement initially had to search for the male after receiving reports of an erratic driver near Route 111 and 25. He was not on the roads.

Source: Trumbull Patch, “DUI Driver Fell Asleep With Car On: Trumbull PD,” Rich Scinto, Jan. 4, 2018

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