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Maintaining impartiality during rape trial processes

If you know much about what happens during formal Connecticut rape accusations, then you are aware that emotions and persuasion have the potential to take the place of good legal logic, forensic science and diligent police work. During our practice at the law offices of Joseph J. Colarusso, Attorney At Law we have found that there are many ways in which an otherwise simple innocent act could twist and turn around in the minds of a jury.

It is a challenging topic: Although we believe rape is an unacceptable crime, individuals falsely accused of rape face undue public shame. Unfortunately, that would likely only be the beginning of your troubles. If the worst happened and the situation spun out of your control, you could find yourself facing a guilty verdict or an unacceptable plea offer you could not refuse. Imagine if you were falsely convicted of such a crime: You could lose your family, your livelihood and even your freedom. 

There are many ways in which you might mount a successful defense if you were to be accused of a sex crime, but the facts are sometimes not the only factors in play in the minds of a jury. Cases involving arguments of juror prejudice have made it to the Connecticut appellate courts in the past, suggesting that the defense might not have been able to effectively remove all bias at the first trial. 

We believe that everyone deserves a fair trial, especially in situations where emotions tend to run wild. After all, the facts should always take precedence. Please continue to read more on our main site. 


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