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Clearing your Connecticut criminal record

A Connecticut criminal record has the potential to haunt you, potentially affecting everything from where you can work to whether you can secure a loan or rent an apartment. Depending on the circumstances of your case and whether you already have a criminal record, among other contingencies, you may be able to pursue something called a criminal record erasure, which essentially shields your criminal record from public viewing. At the Law Offices of Joseph J. Colarusso, we understand how much a criminal record can negatively impact your life, and we have helped many people facing similar circumstances find solutions that meet their needs.

According to the Papillon Foundation, an erasure of criminal records, or an expungement, may be possible if you were arrested for a particular crime, but never formally charged. You may also be able to pursue a record erasure if you had charged filed against you, but the charges did not stick, or if a judge or jury deemed you innocent of the charges filed against you.

Receiving a conviction for an offense does not necessarily mean you cannot seek a Connecticut criminal record erasure. Depending on your existing criminal record and other details surrounding your crime and current lifestyle, you may still be able to do so, but there are time laws you must abide by, should you decide to move forward. If your conviction was for a misdemeanor, you must wait at least three years before attempting to clear your record. If your conviction was for a felony crime, you must wait at least five years before doing so.

This information about clearing your Connecticut criminal record is informative in nature and does not constitute legal advice.


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