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Factors that can impact Breathalyzer accuracy

If you are driving in Connecticut and you catch a glimpse of those blue lights swirling in your rear-view mirror, your heart may drop into your chest, even if you do not believe you have done anything wrong. If the law enforcement official proceeds to administer a breath test because he or she believes you were drinking before getting behind the wheel, your heart may drop even further, because the consequences associated with drinking and driving are substantial. Attorney Joseph J. Colarusso recognizes just how important accurate Breathalyzer readings are when the stakes are so high, and he has helped many Connecticut residents facing DUI charges defend themselves.

Per, the results that breath tests produce are actually estimations, and the readings can stray as much as 15 percent from your actual blood-alcohol content. Because the state’s DUI offenders can face jail time, steep fines, community service and suspended licenses, among other potential penalties for drinking and driving, determining your accurate blood-alcohol content is essential. There are several factors that can throw off the accuracy of your breath test, however.

The presence of blood or vomit in your mouth when authorities administer your test, for example, can produce a falsely elevated Breathalyzer reading. Many law enforcement officials recognize this, and they must typically wait a certain amount of time after you have blood or vomit in your mouth to test you if they hope to get an accurate reading.

Electronic interference also has the capacity to offset your breath test results, and it can come from cellphone towers and police radio signals, among other possible sources. If you are diabetic, it is also important to note that your condition may lead you to produce acetone within your body, which breath tests can pick up and take as a sign of intoxication. Find out more about DUI defense on our web page.


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