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How we aim to stop trials before they start

When a client walks into our Connecticut offices, the team supporting Joseph J. Colarusso, Attorney at Law, is focused on one thing — getting his or case resolved in the most advantageous and expedient manner available. That often means that we must start quickly, gathering information and taking full advantage of the state’s robust pre-trial negotiation phase.

If you have heard of a plea bargain, then you already know something about pre-trial. What you might not know is that, should you stand accused of a crime, you could have several other options to resolve your case without undue consequences. In fact, we often prefer to prioritize alternatives, if they are available. Bargaining with your right to plead innocent could involve you admitting to a crime — albeit not the one with which the state’s attorney originally charged you, most likely. 

Another complication of the pre-trial process is that cases involving white-collar theft crimes tend to center on first-time defendants. In short, our clients in these matters often have little experience dealing with police. We make sure to debunk shaky evidence presented by the state as soon and as thoroughly as possible. We also make it a priority to explain the process to our clients so that they have a chance to see through law-enforcement and prosecution posturing.

We find that, when people are wrongfully accused of a crime, a little hope goes a long way. This is why we focus on maximizing the potential of pre-trial. It is one of the best and first opportunities we have to protect our clients’ reputations and prevent them from facing unnecessarily harsh repercussions related to their charges.

Of course, if the prosecution proves unwilling to see reason in pre-trial, we always prepare to tenaciously defend our clients in open court. Please continue to read more on our main website.

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