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Dealing with false accusations of abuse

Sometimes, people go too far. Even if your marriage were to experience problems — differences of opinion about living arrangements, financial trouble or child-rearing disagreements, for example — there would be no excuse for your partner to use false accusations of domestic abuse to settle the argument. At the offices of Joseph J. Colarusso, Attorney at Law, we are proud to defend our Connecticut clients — and the reputation of the legal system, by extension — by working to reveal the truth behind these types of spurious claims. 

Depending on what is at stake in a given argument, spouses may act rashly and irresponsibly. We have seen it many times: someone learns that it might be possible to effectively cut out a partner by taking undue advantage of the legal system’s protections. In the heat of the moment, one spouse enters an unsubstantiated domestic violence claim against another, requesting a restraining order.

These undeserved protective orders often harm our clients far beyond the initial, enraged intent of their partner. With nowhere to go, our clients might be forced to inconvenience friends or family, or else incur undue financial strain from renting accommodations. Furthermore, even if the partner cools down and decides not to pursue the initial claim aggressively, it is not uncommon for the state to continue prosecution. 

By thorough investigation of the situation, and through our knowledge of the state’s criminal justice system, we strive to protect our clients from any and all undue consequences of false domestic violence accusations. Please continue to read more on our main website.

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