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How a DUI conviction can impact your life

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2018 | Drunk Driving

When a resident of Connecticut faces a DUI charge, it’s important for them to understand that the consequences of being convicted can be much larger than it first seems. Many people who are convicted of DUI-related charges find their lives changing in ways they never anticipated.

First are the immediate, short-term consequences, which FindLaw covers. They remind everyone that DUI sentencing is usually severe, regardless of what sort of DUI charge a person faces. The consequences will often involve jail time and expensive fees or fines. A person’s vehicle may be impounded. Their license could be suspended or even revoked, depending on the severity of the DUI charge. A convicted person may be required to wear alcohol monitoring bracelets. They may have an ignition lock installed in their car. Finally, they may be required to attend a rehabilitation program.

However, there are many long-term consequences, too. Many people don’t realize that the impact of a DUI conviction doesn’t end after the fines are paid or the jail sentence is served. USA Today takes a look at the steps someone should take after a DUI conviction, which highlights many of the issues that a person could face. For example, their job could be in jeopardy. They could be at risk of being booted out of school, and may have difficulty getting hired elsewhere. In some cases, having a DUI conviction on record may even make it hard to get an apartment.

Facing DUI-related charges can mean an end to the life a person currently leads. Because of the severity of this situation, turning to a legal professional is highly suggested.

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