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Confusion surrounding drug charges is natural

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2018 | Uncategorized

Some Connecticut law enforcement officers are occasionally overzealous in the charges they enter against those suspected of drug crimes. Therefore, it is completely natural for those accused to feel somewhat bewildered when arrested — confused at a long and seemingly inappropriate list of allegations. Combine this enforcement environment with a complex set of rules governing each individual substance and a considerable number of different charges relating to drugs, and a single event leading to drug charges could quickly become an unintelligible tangle for those not accustomed to the system.

Fortunately for those accused of drug crimes, the evidence associated with an arrest may not necessarily line up with the charges. There are also often lesser charges which may be factually more appropriate than the initial ones entered by law enforcement personnel. Dealing with the real situation rather than that imagined by arresting or investigating officers is often the core of an effective defense.

One need look no farther than the Connecticut website to find the wide array of drug crimes in the state. The Connecticut Comprehensive Drug Laws are over 650 pages long. This reference does not even include relevant tables, let alone case law precedent. 

Another common complication comes from the incredible number of controlled substances. The official Connecticut government portal has a list of these drugs and the associated penalties that spans nearly 60 pages.

Many of the laws on the books govern licensed institutions, such as pharmacies. However, there are also a variety of possession, sale and paraphernalia crimes that could be of concern to an average citizen. As many of these crimes hinge on intent for convictions, it would almost always be in an accused person’s best interest to thoroughly examine whether the charges pertain to the actual situation surrounding the arrest.

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