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Will a drug conviction show up on my credit report?

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2019 | Uncategorized

You may be someone with a drug conviction in your past and are desperately hoping that your bank does not find out about it. You could be considering a mortgage for a new home or a loan for a new business, but if your credit report contains a notice of your conviction, you might fear Connecticut lenders will reject you. However, even though your past troubles with the law may present challenges in your life, they will not directly affect your credit report.

Smartcredit explains that your credit report does not contain criminal convictions. When someone wants to see your credit report, it is usually to examine how you have handled your finances and to see if you make regular payments on loans and lines of credit. If you have too much debt on your record, your credit score will be low and lenders will be reluctant to approve your loan, or if they do approve your loan, they may require you to pay high interest rates. However, your criminal record is not a part of your credit report.

The place where your criminal record is likely to hurt most is when an employer requests a background check on you. A company that currently employs you or is looking to hire you may request a background check. Not all checks will include looking into potential criminal backgrounds. It will depend on the workplace and the position you are seeking. A job that requires a person to work with elderly people, for example, may require a check of a candidate’s criminal record before hiring.

Basically, drug convictions will not directly impact a credit report or cause a credit score to decrease, so a conviction for a drug crime should not directly stop a person from obtaining a loan or a mortgage. However, drug convictions can hurt a person’s ability to earn money, which can make it hard to pay credit card bills or make loan payments, which may negatively impact a credit report.

Keep in mind that this article is not written to convey legal advice. Drug convictions can impact people in many different ways, so this article is only intended to inform readers on drug charges.

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