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What to know about alcohol education classes

When Connecticut residents get a DUI, they may think they do not have many options. However, some people may be able to take alcohol education classes.

There are many different kinds of alcohol education programs. According to FindLaw, some of these programs offer therapy and alcohol education to drivers who have had more than one DUI. Other programs are specifically for drivers who do not have any prior DUIs and for people younger than 21. These classes also come in different levels. If someone attends a Level 1 alcohol education class, this usually means that he or she had a blood alcohol content lower than .10 percent. Conversely, someone enrolled in a Level 2 class may have more DUIs on his or her record. 

While some people may think they can enroll in an alcohol education class as soon as they get a DUI, this is not usually the case. People can typically only enroll in these classes if they are eligible. A court usually takes many factors into account, such as a person’s BAC level during the incident and how many DUI charges are on his or her record. Additionally, a court may also consider whether a person has already attended alcohol education classes.

Many states have their own alcohol education programs with their own guidelines. The State of Connecticut Judicial Branch says that classes usually take place over 10 or 15 weeks. It is important for people to remember that alcohol education is typically not free; people may need to pay an application fee and a program fee, and sometimes there may also be an evaluation fee. Additionally, people may sometimes need to take a mental health evaluation before they enroll in a program.


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