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Voting rights for felons topic of town hall

People who live in and are convicted of criminal offenses in Connecticut may often fear that their civil rights are put in jeopardy, making it hard for them to fully recover from their experiences. Even basic things like getting a job or finding a place to live after being released from jail or prison can be a challenge for people with criminal records. Social and political opinions on what rights people convicted of crimes should have can vary greatly.

ABC News recently reported on a series of public town halls held by democratic presidential candidate hopefuls. Among the topics discussed was the ability or lack thereof for convicted felons still in prison to be able to vote. Opinions appear to be very divided about whether or not these people should be allowed to have their voices heard via voting in elections.

One man who engaged in a bid for the 2016 democratic presidential nomination and is once again running to be named as the 2020 democratic presidential nominee came out strongly in favor of allowing people convicted of felonies to vote even while they are still incarcerated. The candidate also indicated that he believed sex offenders should be given the right to vote.

The opinion of this candidate is not shared by all and it is unclear how or if the topic of voting rights for convicted sex offenders or felons will come into play in the next election. People who are interested in better understanding their rights after being arrested for a serious crime may want to talk with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Connecticut.




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