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Long-term consequences associated with drunk driving convictions

Seeing those blue lights come on in your rear-view mirror can be an unnerving experience even under the best of circumstances, but if Connecticut law enforcement officers stop you and charge you with drunk driving, your whole life can change as a result. Attorney Joseph J. Colarusso understands that a Connecticut driving while intoxicated conviction brings with it substantial penalties, and that some of the hardships you will face after a drunk driving conviction can haunt you for quite some time.

According to BACtrack, the consequences you face after a drunk driving conviction will vary to some extent based on where you live and other details relating to your arrest. However, you can typically plan on facing fines, substance abuse treatment requirements and a loss of licensure, among other possible short-term penalties.

While these repercussions can have a considerable and negative impact on your life, you can also anticipate facing certain long-term consequences because of your DWI conviction. For example, you may find that your conviction comes up when you search for a job and your employer runs a background check on you. A prospective landlord may, too, run a background check and find your DWI on your record, potentially making him or her less likely to rent a property to you.

You may, too, find that your DWI makes it tougher to obtain college scholarships, or to gain admittance into certain colleges or universities. Some schools choose not to accept students who have drunk driving convictions on their records. Additionally, you can count on your automotive insurance rates rising substantially following a conviction for drunk driving, and the rate increase may last several years, costing you substantial money. You can find out more about DWI in Connecticut on our webpage.

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