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Overcoming a violent past with hope and determination

When people have been apprehended for committing a violent crime in Connecticut, they often face many serious consequences related to their actions. Depending on the circumstances surrounding their situation and the outcome their behavior had on the people around them, their consequences could range from fines to community service to time spent in prison. 

Violent behavior is rarely a reaction that people make without prior triggers being present in their lives. For many people who have tendencies to react violently to situations, experiences from their past have influenced how they respond to stress, anger and other strong emotions. According to the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, some of the factors that may influence a person’s ability to manage and control their anger include the following:

  • Excessive exposure to media violence from movies, video games, music and television shows. 
  • Presence of genetic history of mental illnesses and behavioral illnesses. 
  • Complicated socioeconomics in their family makeup including unemployment, poverty and death. 
  • Having been the victim of incessant bullying or ridicule, as well as domestic violence. 

Once a person has made the decision to react violently and has been formally charged with committing a violent crime, he or she faces a long road to recovering from what has happened. Part of this recovery for many people requires them to rebuild their reputation as they make active efforts to put their past behind them. Entrepreneur suggests that people ascertain what aspects they can control. As people take steps to improve their reputation and to develop healthier ways of responding to stress, they should understand that they cannot control what people think of them and can only control their personal efforts to be a better person. Acknowledging this and moving forward with determination can help them to remain hopeful as they work toward a successful future. 

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