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The impact of a DUI conviction over a lifetime

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2019 | Drunk Driving

If a Connecticut resident is accused of drinking and then driving while under the influence, they have a lot to lose if they are convicted. Today, we will take a look at both the short-term and long-lasting impacts a DUI conviction could possibly have on someone’s life.

The Connecticut General Assembly closely examines DUI laws in the state. They start off by mentioning that any driver convicted of a DUI will face prison terms and fines. Even first time offenders can potentially have their license suspended for up to 45 days, along with having ignition interlock restrictions. If a person ends up being convicted of a DUI-related crime three or more times, they will have an ignition interlocking device installed.

Next, State Farm takes a look at some of the farther reaching consequences associated with DUI convictions. For example, a person convicted of a DUI-related charge could face job restrictions or might even be fired if they work in an industry that requires them to drive. The insurance rates of a person convicted of DUI can also skyrocket to high levels. Not only that, but if the individual in question was injured in a crash where they were later convicted of a DUI, the insurance companies may refuse to pay for recovery costs or damages.

Dealing with a DUI conviction actually has much longer-lasting and farther reaching consequences than people may initially think. Those facing these charges may wish to contact an experienced attorney to learn more about how to fight back and protect their future.

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