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Connecticut school board member charged with kidnapping

According to news sources, a member of the Bridgeport Board of Education is facing multiple charges following an incident that occurred on Dec. 27, 2019. The man and his wife reportedly impersonated law enforcement officers and attempted to force an acquaintance to go with them at gunpoint.

The school board member and his wife reportedly went to the apartment of a 21-year-old acquaintance in Seymour and attempted to force the man to leave with them. The man fought back, and the couple allegedly fled the scene. The couple reportedly impersonated police officers to gain access to the apartment building in which the man’s apartment was located.

After warrants were issued for their arrests, the school board member and his wife turned themselves in to the police. The board member is facing charges of attempted second-degree kidnapping, third-degree assault, conspiring to commit second-degree kidnapping, risk of injury to a child, and impersonating a police officer. His wife is facing similar charges other than attempted second-degree kidnapping and third-degree assault. She was also charged with criminal trespass. Both the board member and his wife were later released from custody after posting $100,000 bonds. The school board member stated that the situation had to do with a family member who has a drug problem and that more facts would come out.

People who are facing violent crime charges might want to retain criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible. The attorneys might review the circumstances surrounding what occurred to develop defenses to the charges. They might file motions, investigate their clients’ cases, interview witnesses, and gather mitigating evidence. This might help them to secure favorable plea offers or to fight the charges against their clients.

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