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Connecticut woman charged with arson

A recent apartment fire in the state capital resulted in one person’s death and another’s arrest. Connecticut police believe that a woman may have purposely started the fire and and she has since been charged with arson. She is also facing multiple counts for assault as well as a charge of attempted murder.

Emergency responders were first made aware of the fire in the early hours of the morning. After arriving at the apartment, two additional alarms were called in to help out. There were a total of 75 firefighters extinguishing the flames and helping apartment residents get out of the building, including a young baby and his mother. Approximately 30 apartment residents and one firefighter were transported to the hospital. A 50-year-old man suffered fatal injuries from the fire.

Multiple agencies worked together to figure out what they say was the origin and cause of the Hartford apartment fire. Although the details of that investigation are not totally clear, they determined that a 28-year-old woman may have set the fire and secured a warrant for her arrest. She has since been arrested and a judge set her bond at $900,000.

Being charged with arson is a serious offense. Defendants can face severe criminal consequences such as time behind bars and hefty fines, and many also face limited educational and employment opportunities. The average defendant facing such a charge might be focused on minimizing these potential consequences, which often starts with a thorough understanding of his or her criminal charges, related evidence and applicable Connecticut law.

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