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Connecticut woman faces DUI charge

A woman has been charged after being stopped while going the wrong way on Interstate 91, according to police. The 34-year-old Connecticut woman is facing a DUI charge after police stopped her early on the morning of March 29. She has since been released on bond and is expected to appear in court on May 22, where she will be represented by a criminal defense attorney. 

According to the report, at around 2:45 a.m., officers received a call about a wrong-way driver on I-91, traveling southbound near Exit 35 in Windsor. Police immediately moved to stop the driver, and the 34-year-old was taken into custody. She was transported by police to Troop H in Hartford. It is unclear from the report whether or not a breath or blood test was taken, or if any roadside sobriety tests were employed. 

The woman now faces charges including reckless driving, driving the wrong way on a highway, second-degree reckless endangerment, and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. She posted $15,000 in bond and was released shortly thereafter. It is unclear whether she has retained representation at this time. 

If the woman is found guilty of the DUI charge in a Connecticut court, she could face fines, the loss of her license or even jail time. However, her criminal defense attorney will carefully review the facts of the case, particularly as they pertain to her arrest, to ensure her rights were respected throughout the process. If police failed to provide adequate evidence of her alleged intoxication, her charge could be reduced or thrown out of court altogether. 

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