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Woman faces DUI charge in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2020 | Drunk Driving

A woman in Trumbull was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after being pulled over, according to local sources. Connecticut authorities arrested the woman on April 17 after finding her unresponsive. She was released on a promise to appear in court to face the DUI charge filed against her. 

Very little information is available about the facts of this case, but it has been confirmed that police found the woman around 11 p.m. after receiving reports of an erratic driver near Main Street in Trumbull. When police arrived, they found a vehicle parked in a roadway with its engine running. When they approached the vehicle, they found a 54-year-old woman reportedly asleep at the wheel.

When they woke her, she reportedly told police she had been drinking since 8:00 that morning. A search of her car allegedly revealed thirteen 50ml bottles of vodka. It is unclear whether they were full or empty, but when she submitted to a breath test, she reportedly registered .355, well over the legal limit of .08. 

Alcohol dependency is a very real and very dangerous illness that affects thousands of Americans, including Connecticut residents. While a DUI charge may be appropriate in the case of someone overtly intoxicated, it is important to consider the other issues at play that may have led the woman to break the law. Her criminal defense attorney may attempt to highlight these issues as part of a comprehensive defense strategy designed to see the charges against her reduced. It may be possible to enter a plea bargain based on mandatory rehabilitation, if it can be proved the woman suffers from alcoholism.

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