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Criminal defense: 2 men charged with theft

Two men in Turnbull have been arrested following the alleged theft of valuables from unlocked cars, according to local sources. Connecticut police have arrested the two men, who now face charges including burglary. Police are reaching out to the community for anyone with information regarding the alleged thefts. For the moment, it does not appear that either man has retained criminal defense counsel. 

According to the arrest report, around 1 a.m. the morning of May 1, a resident in Trumbull called police, saying their security system had gone off and they had seen the two men walking near the vehicles parked in the driveway. The resident also reported seeing the internal cab light of one of the vehicles turning on. When police arrived, they found both men, a 21-year-old and a 24-year-old, walking in the rain away from the residence. 

Police searched both men, finding a change purse and several other items on the younger man’s person. They also checked several unlocked vehicles that they say appear to have been rummaged through. Both men, who apparently have lengthy criminal records, were arrested and charged. The younger man faces a charge of larceny in the sixth degree as well as two counts of burglary, while the older man faces a charge of conspiring to commit burglary. 

Both men will be represented by criminal defense attorneys when they have their day in Connecticut court. It will be the burden of the prosecution to prove not only that the men were stealing from these vehicles but also that the police intervention was conducted in a manner consistent with their rights. If the searches of either man are revealed to be unlawful, their individual cases could be thrown out of court entirely. 

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