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5 Connecticut men face drug crime charges

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2020 | Uncategorized

Several residents of Manchester and East Hartford were arrested following a large-scale investigation into potential fentanyl trafficking. While the individuals arrested are not believed to be leaders in the alleged ring, they are being accused of buying, packaging and reselling the drugs from the ring. All five men are facing drug crime charges and are in Connecticut police custody without bond in advance of a trial.

According to the results of the investigation, which began in July 2019, informants indicated to federal investigators that a drug ring was operating in the area run by a former drug kingpin who had recently been released from prison. The investigation apparently uncovered a substantial amount of fentanyl being packaged and shipped through Connecticut. This was allegedly done with the help of the arrested individuals. 

All the men face a variety of drug crime charges for their alleged involvement in the so-called “narcotics mill.” A number of other individuals have also been arrested for purchasing drugs, and many of them are alleging they bought them from the accused men. A sixth individual, a New York man, also faces charges pertaining to this case. He is believed to have laundered money for the alleged scheme. 

Drug crime charges are not always easy to prosecute as the investigation into these crimes often involves multiple moving parts. Each man will be represented in a Connecticut court by a criminal defense attorney tasked with carefully researching the details of the case. This will help each attorney to build a strong defense for his or her client when a court date is issued. 

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