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Connecticut woman hit with drunk driving charge

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2020 | Drunk Driving

A woman in Fairfield County was arrested after driving erratically, according to local sources. Residents of the Connecticut neighborhood called police in the early morning of July 10. The woman in question is facing a drunk driving charge and is slated to appear in court on Aug. 4. 

According to the limited information in the report, officers received a complaint around 1 a.m. that a driver was operating her vehicle in a disorderly manner. Officers tracked the vehicle down on Danbury Road in Wilton and pulled the woman over. Police on the scene say the woman was allegedly driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. 

It is unclear how police came to this determination, as no mention of roadside sobriety testing, including breath or blood tests, was made. However, the woman was arrested and charged with drunk driving, as well as failure to drive right. She was reportedly released after being written a “promise to appear” ticket. It is unclear whether she left under her own power or in the care of a family member. 

drunk driving charge can have far-reaching consequences for the charged individual, including the loss of a driver’s license, fines and possibly even jail time. However, the specifics of how levels of intoxication are gauged in suspected drunk drivers can be different from person to person. Her criminal defense representation will likely wish to review any and all steps taken by Connecticut officers on the scene, including the results of any roadside testing, in order to build a defense that may see the charges reduced or even dropped altogether.

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