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Man in Connecticut faces DUI charge

A man who was operating with a suspended license has been arrested for drunk driving, according to local sources. A Connecticut police captain arrested the man, who was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol, on the afternoon of June 13. He now faces a DUI charge as well as several other charges. He has been released on $500 bond and was set to appear in court later in the month. 

According to the report filed by the captain, he was nearly rear-ended by the 37-year-old driver, who narrowly avoided the collision only to nearly strike a family of four bicycling on the same road. The officer followed the man, who was allegedly observed to swerve back and forth across the road before he was stopped attempting to turn the wrong way into oncoming traffic. The captain approached the vehicle and said the driver smelled strongly of alcohol. 

A subsequent search of the car turned up several open beers and several other unopened bottles of alcohol. The man submitted to a breath test after failing three separate field sobriety tests. The breath test allegedly registered at .352 BAC, over four times the legal limit of .08. The man now faces a DUI charge as well as failure to drive right, drinking while driving and driving under suspension. 

A DUI charge can have long-lasting effects on the accused individual, including the loss of a driver’s license as well as possible fines and jail time. However, Connecticut authorities will have to prove the man’s alleged intoxicated state in court. It may be possible for the man’s defense attorney to negotiate a plea bargain based on mandatory court-ordered alcohol counseling. 

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