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Woman faces DUI charge in Connecticut

A 61-year-old woman was charged on the night of July 24 for allegedly driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Connecticut authorities in Branford arrested the woman, who now faces a DUI charge. So far, she has not been booked a court date, and it is unclear whether she remains in police custody at this time. 

No information was given in the report about the specifics of her detainment. However, it has been confirmed that she was pulled over the night of July 24 and that officers on the scene determined her to be intoxicated in some way. No mention was made in the report of whether police administered roadside sobriety testing or if any blood testing was done following her arrest. 

The accused woman is the town of Branford’s Town Clerk and has been for the last seven years. She is well-known in the community for promoting food drives, dog licensing and other community outreach programs. The charges against her include driving under the influence and failing to drive right. If she is found guilty, she could lose her driver’s license and possibly her long-standing position as part of the town’s leadership.

The implications of a DUI charge, even if there is no conviction, can be long-lasting and devastating to the accused person. This is why the burden of proof lies with Connecticut authorities to provide compelling evidence of her alleged wrongdoing. In the meantime, her criminal defense attorney will carefully review any such evidence brought forward by the prosecution as part of building her defense against the charges. 

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