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Representation At All DUI Administrative Hearings

If you were arrested for DUI/DWI, you may have options to retain your driving privileges through DMV administrative hearings. The Law Offices of Joseph J. Colarusso can provide you with strong representation and guidance during these crucial proceedings.

Joseph J. Colarusso understands that your ability to work and drive to important places is a necessity that you cannot afford to lose. If you or a loved one has been placed under arrest, call our 24-hour emergency line at 203-325-2200.

Attorney Colarusso will examine whether the police officer had probable cause to pull you over and to arrest you. He will carefully analyze the actions of the arresting officer and identify any mistakes or loopholes that may work to your advantage.

How A Strong Lawyer Can Help You Protect Your License

During a DUI/DWI administrative suspension hearing, you need a strong advocate who knows how to prevent the prosecution from taking your rights away. With more than 34 years of criminal law experience, Joseph J. Colarusso is prepared to fight for you with tenacity and a high degree of skill. He can represent you during a hardship license hearing, a Breathalyzer/blood test refusal hearing and any other hearing, administrative or criminal, related to your drunk driving charge.

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Hire experienced legal counsel to fight to keep your driver’s license. Call The Law Offices of Joseph J. Colarusso to speak with a reputable DUI administrative hearing lawyer in Stamford, Connecticut, at 203-977-2415, or call the White Plains, New York, office at 866-734-6937. Attorney Colarusso offers free initial consultations. You can also contact the firm online for a prompt response.