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You Need A Skilled Defense Against Internet Crime Charges

When people use the internet for everything from communications to dating and photo sharing, both adults and juveniles can find themselves in trouble. With the click of a mouse, a simple sent message or opened file can result in serious criminal charges. Even deleted items can be recovered from a computer’s hard drive and lead to life-altering consequences.

What Are You Accused Of?

To protect your livelihood and your future, hire a criminal defense lawyer immediately if you have been charged with an internet crime. Attorney Joseph J. Colarusso vigorously defends clients against criminal charges. He is deeply familiar with the criminal justice systems in New York, Connecticut and federal courts, and he understands how to defend the various charges related to the internet, including:

  • Online solicitation of minor
  • Possession and distribution of child pornography
  • Online identity theft
  • Online credit card fraud
  • Illegal online sale of prescription drugs
  • Juvenile internet crimes
  • Soliciting an obscene sexual performance by a child

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