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Traffic Violations

Stamford speeding ticket lawyer Joseph J. Colarusso helps people charged with traffic offenses in either Connecticut or New York. With offices in Stamford and White Plains, he understands the consequences in each state and works hard to present the best defense on your behalf.

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Which Traffic Offense Is At Issue In Your Case?

Driving is an important privilege. Losing your license can change your life. Look for a lawyer with experience representing people with minor and major traffic violations, such as attorney Joseph J. Colarusso. A former prosecutor who dedicates his entire practice to criminal defense, attorney Colarusso brings more than 25 years of courtroom experience to each case he handles.

Traffic violations and motor vehicle offenses include:

  • Speeding
  • Parking tickets
  • Moving violations (illegal passing, for example)
  • Insurance violations (uninsured motorist)
  • Drunk driving

Even minor traffic violations can have huge consequences. You may have points taken on your driver’s license, and your car insurance rates may increase. Turn to attorney Colarusso for help exploring your options and defending you in traffic court if necessary.

Defending Individuals In Traffic Violation Cases

With offices in White Plains and Stamford, speeding ticket lawyer Joseph J. Colarusso defends traffic violations cases for clients throughout New York and Connecticut. Contact the law firm online or by calling 203-977-2415 or 203-325-2200 to schedule a free initial consultation.