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What you may face with drug related charges

Drug-related crime charges can be heavy hitters. Not only does it blot your permanent record and make it more difficult for you to find a job, but you may also find yourself facing long-term and rather extreme consequences either for a false accusation or for very low-level and non-violent offenses. You don’t want to add to that number, and we at The Law Offices of Joseph J. Colarusso would like to provide you with information that you can use to keep yourself from becoming a statistic.

Survey showcases Connecticut drug use

The causes for drug use and addiction can be difficult to fully identify and understand in many cases. The dynamics between a person and his or her family, friends and community play a role; similarly, the implementation and enforcement of anti-drug policies also factor in to drug crime incidents in any given region. It’s for that reason that Connecticut criminal defense experts, law enforcement and prosecutors pay close attention to alcohol and drug rates and other statistics in an attempt to curb drug offenses across the state.

Drug offenses said to account for increase in female prisoners

As legislation continues to be revamped and strengthened in states like Connecticut, minimum sentencing and other stipulations are increasingly associated with drug offenses. The increase in drug crime convictions around the country is having a notable effect on prison populations; and while some proponents of such policies may consider the rise in convictions to be a positive sign of an effective system, others are noting the effect current practices are having on female inmates. In fact, concerns over prison conditions and policies regarding the treatment of female prisoners are on the rise as well.

Home invasion victim now faces serious drug charges

In an emergency situation, everyone has the right to call for help. After all, it’s the duty of law enforcement in Connecticut and beyond to protect and serve the public. Furthermore, crime victims should never have to fear being confronted with accusations simply because they did the right thing by contacting authorities. Unfortunately, however, one man that was recently held up at gunpoint in his own home now faces several counts of drug possession because of the actions of law enforcement that arrived at the scene.

Major drug charges, and others, issued against dentist

When state and federal authorities conduct an investigation, they typically have the time and resources to build an intricate case against a suspect. In fact, some investigators and prosecutors are known to construct scenarios by which to entice suspects to commit a crime, even if that offense is unrelated to the original investigation. That’s why anyone living in Stamford, Connecticut, and beyond is advised to seek sound legal counsel if they are ever confronted by criminal charges. One recent case involving an alleged drug crime may serve as a fitting example of how an aggressive investigation can result in serious, varied accusations.

It may be the end of minimum sentences for some drug charges

Many defendants, defense attorneys and even prosecutors in Connecticut and beyond recognize that minimum sentences attached to some charges can be disproportionate to the offenses committed. In fact, there is growing evidence that community-based programs and other methods may be more effective at preventing drug crime around the country than incarceration. That’s why Attorney General Eric Holder is recommending a new approach to the war on drugs in the United States.

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